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M7 Energy Drink is brought to you by M7 Research and Development, a company that’s always in the fast lane and is known to make some of the best performance parts and lubricants in the automotive market.

Having demands of producing their own Energy Drinks, M7 came out with its own first energy drink in 2011 which is called “Drive M7 Energy Drinks”. Drive M7 is no different from the precision engineered products that M7 always produces, Drive M7 is designed to provide the same power and performance that our customers have come to expect from M7. Drive M7 is now one of the fastest growing Energy Drinks Brands in Malaysia and is also available in Indonesia, Singapore and Brunei.

M7 is now venturing into the European Market with its latest energy drink called “M7 Energy Drink”. It is specifically design to suit the European Taste and Market where it is less sweet as compared to the Asian Version. We also maintain the chlorophyll contents which gives the benefits as antioxidants while adding the exotic Mangosteen flavour which gives it a pleasant fruity taste.

Mangosteen, also known as the “Queen’s Fruit”


has many benefits

among others are

Low in calories


It is an antioxidants


Helps improves blood flow


Helps reduce cholesterol


Rich with Vitamins C